Apex Legends Loot Tips: Efficiently Equipping your Squad


Battle Royale has gradually become a global phenomenon in the gaming world. Gamers are obsessed with its cool graphics and over-the-top action setpieces. Everyone wants to be a great Apex Legends player.

While playing Apex Legends, one is vulnerable while looting, but having the right weapons in your arsenal is essential to win matches. While it is crucial to loot to take gunfights, one must know when to stop looting.

Battle Royale features hardcore obstacles like fighting multiple players simultaneously and the terror of Dragon massacre. The game keeps challenging your skills by constantly playing intense tricks with you on the ground.


Apex Legends is an online Battle Royale next-level hero shooting multiplayer game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

It features three prominent squad players with distinctive abilities called “legends.” The game is free to play for everyone and is monetized through microtransactions. It has amassed a whopping 10 million plus gaming interfaces across the globe.


Released: 4/02/2019

Publisher: EA

Platform Supported: PC, PS4, XBOX,

Developer: Raspawn Entertainment.

Here are some of the most important tips to remember for you and your gaming squad while looting essential items during fight sequences in Apex Legends: Battle Royale.

  • Improve your looting speed in Apex Legends.

  • *Get to know each location and develop paths that you can take to pick up as much loot as possible quickly.
  • *Pick up placeholder guns that can store any attachments you want before finding better weapons.
  • *For death boxes, you can learn the order of the loot inside to shave off a few seconds when looking for what you need.
  • *When near multiple supply bins, open them simultaneously to cut out the brief delay before picking up loot.
  • *You can also customize your settings for faster looting. There is a setting that can interrupt your looting before you can grab what you need; you can choose to turn this off as well.

Along with the fast looting tips, the Apex YouTuber also revealed some of his ideal backpack setups, which depend on the Legend being used and the game’s current state.

  • Collect Essentials to prioritize your loot.

In Apex Legends, when the place you land on is being contested, grab the essentials and set yourself up for a gunfight. You don’t require items such as barrel mods or a better stock when engaging early in the game. Gather weapons, ammo, and healing items. The faster you loot, the more time you give yourself and your teammates to regroup and set up for a gunfight.

In Apex Legends, it is vital to prioritize your loot. Before you loot, remember the loadout you are looking for and then start looting. This improves your looting speed drastically as you do not have to contemplate whether you need the gun after looking at the loot crate or death box.

  • Split While Looting

In Apex Legends, this is important, and the only exception to this would be that multiple teams are landing in the same spot. After landing, they break into for fight after acquiring their essential tools.

In that case, your chances of surviving as a team improve. Otherwise, it is essential that you split when looting. That way, you avoid one member being stacked while the other two are searching for loot.

You must understand precisely what you need when looting a death crate after a gunfight. Most teams in Apex Legends wait for an opportunity to a third party right after a gunfight.

  • Don’t Stand While Looting

Your team engaged in a gunfight, and you just killed your opponents. The chances are that the entire team has its shields depleted. You might have a red Evo shield, but the armor available in the death rate is purple.

It’s always better to armor swap because it is tough to know if someone’s watching you while looting.

In Apex Legends, being a still target while looting can get you knocked down the next second, and engaging in a gunfight with a man down will almost always result in returning to the lobby. Therefore, if you play with a mouse and keyboard, cultivate a habit of strafing while you loot.


In Apex Legends, it’s common for one of your teammates to be a little slower while looting. If they’re behind and you’ve covered a proper distance, do not return to the place if your teammate pings something you need.

Communicate and ask your teammate to regroup with you before an entire squad picks that person off alone.

These are some tips that you should keep in mind that will elevate your game when you play Apex Legends.

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