An Effective Way to Detect Methane: Drone Laser Methane Detector

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The UAV is equipped with a high-precision laser methane detector for gas inspection, which can penetrate into complex environments to achieve precise point-to-point detection, route flight detection and key area scanning detection. The PURWAY-CH4 UAV laser methane leak detector combines gimbal intelligent stabilization control technology to improve sensing capabilities and operating efficiency.


Gas is closely related to residents’ lives. Ensuring the safety of gas pipelines is an important responsibility of society and enterprises. Gas pipelines are characterized by long distances and wide distribution. They are mostly laid underground in cities. They pass through rivers, ravines, railways, and highways along the way. The terrain is complex, which restricts the manual inspection method, brings inconvenience to regular inspections of pipelines, and hides many hidden problems. Security risks. Gas pipelines are usually distributed linearly, and their pipeline lengths often reach hundreds of kilometers. The inspection of gas pipelines is mainly to monitor the pipeline itself and the environmental conditions within one kilometer around the pipeline.

Advantages of Using Drone Inspection

Compared with traditional manual inspections and vehicle inspections, the use of drones for gas inspections can more effectively solve such environmental constraints. UAVs are equipped with high-precision methane leak detector to penetrate into various complex environments to achieve manual and precise point-to-point detection, flight detection of gas pipeline routes, and scanning detection of key areas.

Relying on industry-leading products such as DJI and Hesai Technology, PURWAY company have created the first highly integrated industry drone laser methane detect solution – PURWAY CH4 drone laser methane detector. Cleverly combining the detection laser with the visible light sensor through precise calibration, it achieves precise visual inspection; combined with the PTZ intelligent stabilization control technology, PURWAY-CH4 detector can quickly provide users with key information to help users seize the opportunity, integrating sensing capabilities with operations. Efficiency is taken to a whole new level.

Combined with the M200 V2 series flight platform, the single operation time is up to 32 minutes and the cruising range is up to 20km. Designed to further enhance aerial work productivity. The installation and preparation of the entire aircraft is easy and simple. You only need to unfold the aircraft arms, install the detector, tripod and propellers, and it can take off without debugging. The newly upgraded FlightAutonomy system combines forward-looking, downward-looking, and upward-looking sensors to automatically sense and avoid obstacles, achieve precise hovering, and fly with peace of mind in complex scenes.

Typical Application Scenarios:

Indoor natural gas inspection application, natural gas pipeline inspection application, natural gas station inspection application, landfill inspection application,etc.

A small and lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle equipment with high sensitivity, long detect distance and fast response speed. Based on laser absorption spectroscopy technology, trace amounts of methane gas in the air can be quickly detected, with a maximum detection distance of 300 meters and a laser range measurement of 600 meters. Combining detection lasers with precise calibration of visible light sensors to achieve precise visual inspections; combined with gimbal intelligent stabilization control technology, it can quickly provide users with key information, help users seize opportunities, and improve perception capabilities and operating efficiency to a new level.