Memorizing Phone Numbers – Quick Tips to Ditch the Pen and Paper

Memorizing Phone Numbers - Quick Tips to Ditch the Pen and Paper
Memorizing Phone Numbers – Quick Tips to Ditch the Pen and Paper

Whether it slips into the laundry or gets knocked out by a passing car, we all have to deal with a dead phone at some point. Keep significant phone numbers handy in an emergency or when your smartphone dies. A simple rote memorization technique can be an effective way to get these numbers seared into your brain.

Use a Mnemonic Device

You’ve probably heard of mnemonic devices (spelling it with an M) before. It’s a fancy word for memory tricks, but they’re surprisingly effective at helping you remember information that might otherwise be difficult to retain. Examples of mnemonic devices include acronyms, acrostics, rhymes, and songs. You might have even used some of these when learning math, ELA, or science as a kid. One example of a mnemonic device is “chunking.” This involves breaking down a long string of numbers into smaller groups so they’re easier to memorize phone numbers. You might learn that the number for your silk tie cleaning shop spells out 888-TIE-CARE, for instance.

This is a great trick for phone numbers, where most people can only hold five or ten digits in their short-term memory at once. You might also use it to memorize the digits of your social security number or other personal information you must remember for a little while.

Sing a Song

For those who believe memorizing essential phone numbers is worth the effort, here are a few tactics to help you get it done.

Breaking a number into smaller units can help make it easier to remember, as the digits will feel more manageable. It’s similar to how people break down dates of birth for easy recall. Rhyming is another helpful strategy; rhymed words prime one another, helping you remember the next word in a sentence.

You can also try singing your phone number. For example, you could teach your children their phone numbers by converting them to a song: 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-8-9-0-MOM! Kids will have this number stuck in their heads, and they’ll love learning it in such a fun way. Businesses that want to stand out may use a memorable number that reflects their brand, such as a pizza restaurant using 1-855-Pizza. These numbers are called vanity numbers and can increase customer retention and sales.

Write It Down

We live in a world where we are expected to memorize a long list of numbers and information – phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers, credit card pins, etc. The list grows daily, and keeping them all straight can be challenging.

Most people can hold a number in their short-term memory for about two minutes. That’s generally enough time to write it down or repeat it out loud, but more is needed to call someone back on the phone. Memorizing important numbers can help children know how to contact their parents or other adults in an emergency. Turning the process of memorizing phone numbers into a fun game will make it easier for them to learn the information they need, especially as they get older and spend more time away from home at school or events. It is also a good idea for kids to know their home address and phone number to call home if they become lost.

Rehearse It

While relying on smartphone apps for quick dialing is tempting, it’s still a good idea to memorize important phone numbers. This can help in various situations, such as when your smartphone slips into the bottom of your bag on a mad dash to the airport, and you must call home before leaving for an international trip.

To make it easier to remember, use the “chunking” technique by breaking down a number into smaller units. This is why phone numbers are broken down into an area code, exchange, and local number. It’s also why your social security number is divided into three, two, and four digits. Turning a phone number into a game can also help children learn it and have fun at the same time.