Sellers on AliExpress From Whom You Should Not Buy

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

When shopping on AliExpress, it’s crucial to be cautious about which sellers to avoid to ensure a satisfactory and safe shopping experience. Here are some types of sellers you might want to steer clear of:

Sellers with Inflated or Manipulated Ratings

Be cautious of sellers whose ratings seem artificially high. Some may use fake reviews to boost their profiles. Tools like AliHelper can be helpful to analyze the authenticity of a seller’s ratings. This free browser extension also helps track packages and discounts, find similar products, and view the price change history – AliExpress Helper.

New Sellers with No Feedback

Be wary of sellers who are new to the platform and have no customer feedback or reviews. While everyone starts somewhere, it’s safer to purchase from experienced sellers with a track record.

Sellers with Consistently Poor Reviews

Pay attention to sellers who have consistently low ratings and negative reviews. If multiple buyers report issues like poor product quality, incorrect items, or bad customer service, it’s best to avoid these sellers.

Sellers with Vague Product Descriptions

Avoid sellers who provide insufficient or unclear information about their products. Reliable sellers typically offer detailed descriptions and clear, accurate photos.

Sellers Who Overpromise

Be skeptical of sellers who make extravagant promises, such as unbelievably low prices or extremely fast shipping times that seem too good to be true. They might be using these tactics to lure customers.

Sellers Not Responding to Queries

Good customer service is vital. If a seller doesn’t respond to your inquiries or takes too long to reply, it might indicate poor customer service post-purchase.

Sellers with a History of Disputes

Sellers who have been involved in numerous disputes might be unreliable. This information can sometimes be gleaned from reviews or community forums.

Sellers with Inconsistent Product Catalog

Be cautious with sellers whose product catalog is too varied and lacks a clear focus. Specialized sellers are often more reliable in their specific field.

Sellers with Misleading Listings

Avoid sellers who use stock images or images from other websites without showing the actual product. Authentic sellers typically provide genuine photos of their products.

Sellers with High Rates of Order Cancellations

If a seller has a history of canceling orders frequently, it could indicate inventory management issues or a lack of reliability.

Remember, these guidelines are not about labeling all new or diverse sellers as unreliable, but rather about encouraging smart shopping practices on platforms like AliExpress, where seller quality can vary greatly.