Ferry direction to Whittier-Valdez at The Ferry Traveller


Whittier is a small town with a rich history. Travelers can explore the surrounding mountains, go fishing or simply relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere. The Valdez-Whittier Ferry is an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Alaskan coast. The journey gives a feeling of calm and a chance to break away from the hustle of everyday life. It is a reminder of the strength and resilience of nature. The Ferry Traveller will help you arrange an unforgettable trip.

What awaits you on your journey:

  • hiking

  • fishing

  • wildlife watching

Ferry Traveller ferry boat equipped with modern facilities and comfortable seating. Whittier-Valdez’s ferry ride with The Ferry Traveller also provides numerous opportunities to meet animals. Passengers can admire the sight of humpbacks, surface-penetrating seals, ice-warmers, and bald eagles hovering above their heads. Knowledgeable crew members will tell you about the wildlife and natural wonders that tourists may encounter on this path.

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Why it is profitable to travel with The Ferry Traveller:

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